E-fest 2010

haloo guys we just joined E-Fest 2010 Saturday - Sunday, 10th-11th of April 2010.
We sent some participants, they are:
Debate: Ike-Try, Indra-Arbha
Scrabble: Rian-Felix
News Casting: Tiara, Nana, Pipit
Speech: Ameria Calosa, Ni Putu Yunita

and the result is...........

Ike-Try finally be the 1st Winner of national debate competition :D
Indra-Arbha at 17th position at prelim (only big 16 that go to knock out round)

News casting....
Nana be the 1st Winner.
Tiara n Pipit go to final round.

Rian-Felix go to Quarter Final.

Putu at 6th position in prelim
Ameria at 7th position in prelim
(rank 1-5 that moved to final)

Well, that was the latest headline for today.
I'm Tiara Prisca Sabilla..
Have a great....... and lucky day..
Goodbye :) :)


poto potonyah yg lengkap di sini aja yah..

because of kompi's PR nya lolo bgt. -.-" sooo tiredd...
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