EEC 2010-2011 Half period Review.. :)

Hello guys..
You are reading the EEC-UNILA’s blog.
The first of all we would like to beg for your apologize because long time no update and post in our official blog. But after this, we promise to always post and update our official blog to give you more info about EEC :)


Now, we want to give you a review about all EEC’s occasion that already done in half of our period, 2010.

This 2010-2011 period started with new squad. We called it TRY SQUAD.

For tighten our squad, we held EEC Up Grading and Lokarya at 4th and 18th August. To see how was that occasion, you can see at these pictures :

This is one of the games that we did in the upgrading .. :)

And at Holy Ramadhan month, we held EEC’s Breakfasting together and CFC. First occasion is EEC’s breakfasting together at our beautiful, cute, sexy, funny board house, (¬.¬") DINI. Hoho.. Dimana terima kasih buat dini yang rumahnya porak poranda akibat terjadi ledakan dimana-mana. Ledakan kembang api abal-abal yang bentuknya kaya SANTET sampe mercon yang ga karu-karuan suaranya. Untung ga di grebek sama tetangganya si dincul. Hahahha.. But, of course all of you agree if i said that occasion was so fun, right. Million thanks for our new member, boards, expert staffs and demissioners who came to this occasion. Tiada kesan tanpa kehadiran muu… cup cup muuaaaahhh :*

OMAGGAAAH.. We took a picture with Thomas Djorgi... LOL XD


And still in Holy Month Ramadhan, we held EEC CFC (Creativity Stand For Charity). This occasion presented by our 3rd Division. Intinya di acara ini kami mengajak semua orang untuk berbagi dan beramal, apalagi pas banget tuh lagi bulan ramadhan yang insya ALLAH amalnya dilipat gandakan. Amiin.

Alhamdulillah dari hasil ngamen, jualan kupon dan lain-lain kita berhasil ngumpulin uang Rp. 511.000 (bukan Riya, Cuma biar transparan aja, hehe :p) yang akhirnya pada tanggal 23 September 2010 uang itu kita beliin sembako dan disumbangkan ke Panti Asuhan “Budi Nida Asih“ di daerah Way Kandis. Oya, ga Cuma sembako, tapi kita juga berhasil ngumpulin buku bekas sama baju buat adek-adek disana. Ini bukti gambar bahwa tidak ada penyimpangan uang yang digunakan oleh panitia. Hehehe :p

At "Budi Nida Asih" Orphanage

Our next occasion was EEC’s GRAND OPENING . That was a new working program in this period. This occasion seems like EEC Catch Up at a period before but in new format. We made this new format because people always said that “ Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang “. So, in this new format, we not only gave a test and interview from the 1st division, but we gave review about a whole EEC, here we informed new members about all competition that trained by 2nd division, and we were showing the job of our 3rd division in creativity and insight, the creativity,such as mading and flyer and we informed to all new member that in EEC we’ll have so much fun together. The last we informed about all prestige big events in EEC. We hope that new members will know more about EEC and if they know, of course they will be more interest to join all EEC’s occasion.

And to make this occasion more fun, we gave some games for all new members, board and presidiums. Actually, the main purpose of this occasion is to welcoming EEC’s new members. And show them that we are in one big family now. EEC’s BIG FAMILY J

Presidiums Introduction

Toefl Test


Say Cheese :D

After Grand Opening, we’re going to Tutors Training and Secretarial Training that held on October 16th, Tutors Training especially an event to sharing with expert staffs and demisioners how to be a good tutors. After tutors training, at that day we held one of our new working programs for this period “Secretarial Training”. The main purpose of this Secretarial Training is to make all boards know well all the things about secretarial. We share how to be a good PIC, how the way of order in EEC until how to make a proposal, LPJ, and the others secretarial activity.

Thanks for Miss Ike and Miss Ratu as the speakers :)

In October, we held SSC in Zone. So, our PR bureau make EEC on Air to promote and show up that event. We on air at RRI Pro 2 Fm, October 15th . Check these photos guys..

Let's Broadcast The News!!

October, 23rd 2010. Alhamdulillah SSC in Zone+ 2010 was success. SSC in Zone+ was scrabble and spelling bee competition like the SSC in zone before, the differences was in (+) or PLUS, we added poster making competition in this year. Scrabble Competition was General with 51 teams participant, Spelling bee participant for Elementary School was 16 and for the Junior High School was 21 participants. For new competition, Poster Making for General, we have 12 participants. This event has been participated by the students in Bandar Lampung from Elementary school to Varsities one. They’ve been so excited so that we don’t have enough room to put them together in the same time ..-__-“

Pretty cool, huh?

The opening ceremony

Miss. Elizabeth as the spelling bee adjudicator
Miss Valerie As the spelling bee adjudicator

All SSC in Zone+ Committee

This is the Bazaar
This is Spelling bee competition for Elementary School
For Junior High School :)
This is The Scrabble Competition :)

The Poster Making Competition

Baiklah, setelah berjuang melewati SSC in Zone+ 2010, kami pun mengadakan pembubaran panitia SSC sekaligus menjalankan progja divisi 3 yaitu “Groovy Time” dimana ini merupakan ajang pendekatan antara presi, board dan new member. So, in here we had a lot of fun together. Kita BBQ (a.k.a barbeque-an) di rumah Tari. Here are our photos. Thanks berat for all of new member who joined this occasion. :*


Next occasion we held the working program from 1st Division “ EEC Tutors and Demissioners Meeting “. November, 20th at our beloved GS, Miss Kirana’s house. In here we shared about our problems and obstacles in EEC, especially in tutorial and we got so many good solution from our beloved Demissioners and Expert Staffs, thank you so much for your attention and your coming :*

No wonder we got these faces... the demissioner is so cute! :p

Beside EEC Groovy Time, we have another fun occasion. This one come from our Secretarial Bureau Working Program. EEC Gathering In Fun, in here we invited all EEC BIG FAMILY from new member until expert staffs and all demissioners to join this occasion. We held this event at December, 5th 2010. We had a lot of fun to Karaoke in Inul Vista and after that we had lunch together at Bakso Sony. Billion thanks, kisses and hugs for all new members, boards, expert staffs and demissioners who came to our event. :*


waiting the turn of singing ..

Oke, now we going to the last event in this 2010. Coming from our 1st Division, “ Toefl Test and Closing Tutorial “. Saturday, December 18th, in here we held TOEFL test for all new members. After TOEFL test, we combined this occasion with Closing Tutorial. In Closing Tutorial we had a lot of fun with all games from the committee, the main purpose of that games is to tighten all new members and make them can work together in team. After that, we announced who are 3 Best New Members and gave certificates for all new members. Billion thanks for all of you guys, new members who came to our last occasion in this year. And don’t worry guys, even the name was “Closing Tutorial” but actually aou tutorial never truly ended. We still have follow up tutorial and regular training. So, don’t go everywhere because we still have so many events for all of you guys. Keep stick with EEC yaaa… :*

The Best New Members on tutorial
Congratulations guys..:) keep up the good work!!

Willy from group 7
Dianti From Group 1
Latifa From Group 1
the lazy faces in doing the TOEFL test ..-__-"

This is The WORD GAME!!

Well, this is the end of our Events Review in this 2010. Kami para presidium sungguh sangat menyadari banyak sekali kekurangan selama setengah perjalanan kami ini. Kami berharap di tahun ini, kami bisa menjalankan segala program kerja kami dengan lebih baik lagi. For all our mistaken, we beg for your apologize. kami sungguh sungguh mengharapkan kritik dan saran yang membangun dari para new member, board, expert staff dan juga demisioner. Semoga di tahun 2011 kami bisa melakukan yang lebih baik dibanding tahun 2010. Amiiin..



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