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Format of the competition
This scrabble competition will use a round-robin or knock-out match system. Each team will only play once against each rival.

This is also general for everyone who is interested in taking a part in our scrabble competition. Everyone is invited and we don't give any limitation for each institution. The quota is 64 teams.
1. The players of scrabble consist of two groups; each group consists of two members.
2. The players from the same group will sit face to face.
3. Players must show their identity tag given by the EEC committee when entering the competition room.
4. There should be no communication in any form between the players and/or to the spectators during the match. Communication can be made only to the regulator(s) or Committee.
5. During the game, players are not allowed to:
• Open any kind of dictionaries, books or other reading materials.
• Distract other player’s attention in any way.
• Leave the location of the game by any cause, unless permitted by the regulator
6. After the game, all players must sign the score sheet, as to agree the final score. Once the score sheet is signed, no objection can be made.
7. Tolerance of lateness for the competing group is 10 minutes starting from the scheduled time.
8. Margin/Spread is difference/gap score between winner team and defeated team. So if the winner team gets 300 points, and defeated team gets 200 points, the winner team will get plus 100 margins, defeated team gets minus 100 margins.
9. Maximum margin in one match is 300. If there is a game which has margin over 300, it will still be counted as 300. This is to avoid an unfair set-up match.

10. The Committee reserves the rights to disqualify a group who refused to be subjected to the regulations of the game.
11. The Committee has full authority with regard to the interpretation and modification, if necessary of these rules, or if not stated in constitution. The decision of the Committee with respect to these rules will be final and binding.

Coordinator of Scrabble comp :
Felix Pranata (08978964575)
Steering Committee :
Marta Fransisca (085788216969)

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