EEC's Lokakarya and Break Fasting Together

Saturday, 13 August 2011

EEC's Lokakarya was held to introduce EEC's new presidium. In this occasion, all presidiums explained about all of their working programs in front of the participants (demisioners and boards). Then the participants would give some suggestions for those working program.

Economics English Club has already induct the NEW Presidiums of the 2011/2012 period, here they are..

General Chief :
DWI YANA NURUL FAJAR - Accounting S1 '09

General Secretary :
ANNISA AULIA RABBANI - Accounting S1 '09

General Treasurer :
FITRI RAHMAWATI - Management S1 '09

Chief of 1st Division :
FRANSISCA OKTAVIA - Accounting S1 '09

Secretary of 1st Div - Education :
MELI FITRIANI - Accounting S1 '09

Secretary of 1st Div - Forming Cadre :
VINA ARIESTA - Management S1 '09

Chief of 2nd Division :
FELIX PRANATA - Accounting S1 '09

Secretary of 2nd Division :
ANITA SARI - Management S1 '10

Chief of 3rd Division :
ARBHA FEBRIAN - Management S1 '09

Secretary of 3rd Division :
MUTIARA PUTRI HAKIM - Accounting S1 '09

Chief of Secretarial Beureau :
HAYU LISTIA PRATIWI - Economic Development S1 '09

Chief of Public Relation Beureau :
TIARANUR ANDINI - Economic Development S1 '09

Secretary of Public Relation Beureau :

Chiec of Council :
SUN HO - Management S1 '09

After Lokakarya, we held an event: Break Fasting Together
The place was at Melissa's house.

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