Themes of Speech:
First Round for all category :
Preparing young people to achieve a better Indonesia in the future
Final Round
JHS: Prevent acts of corruption since the age of school SHS: Constuction of government facilities contrary to public facilities for the people in Indonesia
Var:  Economic growth versus welfare and prosperity in Indonesia

General Rules:
·                     These general rules are valid to everyone around the area of speech competition EIA 11th.
·                     During the contest you may not smoke in the area of speech competition.
·                     Keep your manners, behave properly and keep your voice low, just talk if it’s necessary.
·                     You must turn off your cellphone or any other forms of communication tools that may disturb all the adjudicators and the participants before entering the room of speech competition.
·                     The committees are not responsible for any kind of personal belongings.

Competition Rules:
·                     The speech competition will begin after the opening ceremony.
·                     The participant must re-register themselves before going to the competition and give 3 copies of their text in the re-registration for the judges.
·                     The participant should have a participant number before going to the competition.
·                     The duration of speech is 7 minutes.
·                     The participant should come on time to the competition. If committees already call for 3 times and the participant don’t come yet, she/he will be disqualified from the competition.
·                     The participant should use the duration as good as possible because it will influence the score.
·                     And about time, in the first minute, time keeper will knock once. In the 6thminute time keeper will knock once again, twice when it’s alredy 7 minutes and knock continuously when it’s already 7 minutes 20 second.
·                     In the final round, adjudicators will ask 2 questions for each participant.
·                     The result are the adjudicators’ prerogative rights.
All participants must obey all rules to make the competition run well and the committees will take serious action for every kind of undisciplined activities.
Quota : JHS :20 person
SHS : 20 person
Var : 15 person

Coordinator of Speech Comp :
Latifa (085658978554)
Steering Committee :
Dini  (08972256248)
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