Participants: 3 persons in a team.
Each team will have to compete with one anotherto design the most attractive, informative yet theme-relevant 2D or 3D wallmagazines.

Theme: “Youth Pledge”

Creation of wall magazine:
In this stage, participants are allowed to spendone full day on the preparation as well as execution of the wall magazinecreation. Participants will be allocated a particular workspace to design theirwall magazines and are to come up with all the prerequisite materials.Participants are forbidden to have with them processed materials and aretherefore required to design the wall magazine from scratch.

1.      Participants are required toexecute the work methodology ON THE SPOT.
2.      Only the boards used for themagazine layout are allowed to be prepared beforehand. Other forms ofpreparation are to be prepared during the timeframe for the competition itself.
3.      The size of the space that eachteam could use is estimated 1x1 meters2. Participantscould create their 2D or 3D wall as long as they don’t exceeded the preparedspace.
4.      Shouldteams not be able to finish on time, the wall magazines are still going to beput up on display regardless of whether it has been completed or halfwaythrough it.
5.      The panelof jury is independent and therefore decisions made by them are absolute andthus nonnegotiable
6.       Participantsare to strictly adhere to the rules set.

Steering Committee :
Virgie 0852 69477956

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