EEC's Upgrading 2012

EEC's Upgrading 2012
Sunday, 15 juli 2012

EEC held the first working program organized by 1st division:

"EEC's Upgrading"

This event with theme “ Build a loyality, dicipline, and solidarity for a qualified and professional EEC” was held at Wira Garden.

08.00 am, we all gathered first at Gajebo Building A Economic Faculty of UNILA. Then, with all of the preparation, we went there by cars and motorcycles. Awalnya sempet mau nyewa satu angkot, tapi ternyata semua sudah cukup tertampung, alhasil dicancel deh angkotnya, hehehe.

Finally we arrived at Wira Garden

Before we went to the spot, kita sempetin dulu untuk bikin barisan.

Well, then we started an opening ceremony. Dila sebagai General Chief memberikan sambutannya.

Mba Kiw, Kak Ari and Kak Erwin gave a matter and also shared their experiences...

Then we lunched together

Now.... Time for games yeaahh

And also we had the prizes for the winner

And after all, we take a pictures before went home.

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