I.        Before the  competition
·        The participants are classified in 2 categories: Senior High School and Junior High School.
·        The participants must re-register themselves before going to the competition.
·        The themes of story for SHS is “90’s American Movies” and JHS is “Greek Mythology”
·        The participants should have make text of story in 3 copies.
·        The participants have to prepare the own properties that needed.
·        Keep your manners, behave properly and keep your voice low, just talk if it’s necessary.
·        You must turn off your cell phone or any other forms of communication tools that may disturb all the adjudicators and the participants before entering the room of storytelling competition.

II.      During the competition

·        The participants submit the texts of story in 3 copies.
·         The participants should have a participants number before going to the competition.
·        The participants should come on time to the competition. If committees already call for 3 times and the participants don’t come yet, she/he will be disqualified from the competition.
·        The participants are forbidden to bring the text of story.
·        About the time, time available on 7 minutes 15 seconds. Green flag for a sign that the participants can start telling story, yellow flag will be raised on the 5th minutes, and red flag will be raised on the 6th minutes. After 7 minutes 15 seconds, the committees will stop the performance.
·        The adjudicators’ decisions are prerogative rights.

III.    Evaluation
a.    Text Development                              20%
b.    Performance                                       30%
c.    Intonation                                            15%
d.    Pronounce                                           15%
e.    Expression                                             15%
f.     Costume                                                 5%
Total Score                                               100%

*          All the participants must obey the rules to make the competition run well and the committees will take serious action for every kind of undisciplined activities. If there is any question, please ask to the committees

Coordinator of Story Telling Competition
RIZKY PUTERA (0896 3130 0194)
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