Rules of Translating Competition

Round(s) : One decisive round

1.      Participants give their copy of KTM or Identity Card for registration
2.      Participants must arrive on time
3.      Participants can only bring a pen when entering the room
4.      Participants are not allowed to use any dictionaries and electronic devices
5.      Participants must work individually and not allowed to see the work of other participant
6.      Participants are not allowed to get out of the room or ask any kind of questions when session start
7.      There will be two sessions in the round
The first session is to translate English articles to Bahasa by the time 20 minutes and second section is to translate Bahasa articles to English by the time 25 minutes
8.      Committee will ring the bell once in session to inform participants that the remaining time is only about 5 minutes
9.      Committee will ring continuously at the end of every sessions, participants should raise their hands to the air and committee will immediately take the participants’ answers whether it is completed or not
10.  Committee may disqualify participants who violate the rules that have been determined  
11.  The jury's decision can’t be contested

Contact Person:
Cahya Awaludin   082372179711
Dian Fajarini       081977187837
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