EEC Unila proudly presents:
SSC FRESH 2015 "Discover Your World Started by One Word" October 18th 2015 at Economic and Business Faculty University of Lampung. There are several branches of competition:
1. Scrabble(shs/varsity in the 1st years)
registration fee 50K/person

2. Spelling bee
(SHS&varsity in the 1st years)
registration fee 60K/person

3. Translating
registration fee 50K/person

4. Poetry Reading
registration fee 50K/person

5. Poster Making
registration fee 60K/person

 6. Newscasting

(shs&varsity in the 1st years) 

registration fee 65K/person


Open registation: September 18 - October 15 2015 at EEC's headquarter at 3rd floor E building FEB Unila

Let's register yourself!

Cp :
Renita Ayuni 08994283860 
Bella S 085758707914
Fajar A 082282574210

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