The Winners of SSC FRESH 2015

Hello guys, we would like you give you information about the winner of ssc fresh 2015 but, first of all, we say thanks to demisioners, adjudicators, expert staffs, boards, and new members who have came to support SSC FRESH 2015.
Second, we say thanks to all participants from SHS and Varsity who have followed the competitions in SSC FRESH 2015.
Third, we say thanks to sponsor, media partner, and Economics and Business Faculty University of Lampung have supported SSC FRESH 2015.

Now, we will share about the winners from each branch competitions.

1. Spelling Bee

a. 1st winner is Ziggy Z. from SMAN 2 Bandarlampung
b. 2nd winner is Gracelina Pusparina from SMAN 1 Bandarlampung
c. 3rd winner is Almas Nada Salsabila from SMAN 1 Bandarlampung

2. Poster Making
a. 1st winner is Yunita Savira W.K. from SMA Kristen 1 Metro
b. 2nd winner is Tiara Suci Oshafira from SMAN 1 Pringsewu 
c. 3rd winner is Aetandrian Widya L. from SMAN 1 Pringsewu

3. Translating
a. 1st winner is Kemas Rahmat Zen Vani from FEB 
b. 2nd winner is Irfan Dwikinanda from FEB 
c. 3rd winner is Ade Fadilah from FISIP

4. Poetry Reading
a. 1st winner is Sity Aisyah from SPEC
b. 2nd winner is Novan Effendi from SMAN 1 Pringsewu 
c. 3rd winner is Thalita Reizky from SMA YP Unila

5. Newscastinga. 1st winner is Redo Feruzi Armanda from SMA Kebangsaan
b. 2nd winner is Ahmad Dzakwan Afif from SMA Kebangsaan
c. 3rd winner is Wisnu Adi Kusuma from SMAN 1 Pringsewu

6. Scrabble
a. 1st winner is M. Faisal Sidiq from SMA Kebangsaan
b. 2nd winner is Sunardi from SMA Sumber Rejo
c. 3rd winner is Ragil Firmansyah from SMA Kebangsaan

For the other participants who haven't win the competition, don't give up. There is still a chance for next event.
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