EIA - XV "rules of speech"


Speech competition is an individual competition where the participant deliver their own writing speech, based on selected themes given by the committee. Each participant will deliver his or her speech for 5 (five) minutes minimum, up to 7 (seven) minutes maximum. The judging aspects will be mount to speech subtance, grammar, pronounciation, time management, and way of delivering the speech itself.

Participants of speech EIA XV 2016 consist of  Senior High School and Varsities’ students from southern-sumatera. There are 40 participant from High School and 40 from varsity.

To provide an opportunity for participants to improve their public speaking skill and form the competitive atmosphere to encourage all participants.

Speech competition is divided into 2 (two) rounds, which are Preliminary Round and Final Round. 

1.      Paticipant in this competition must be Senior High School or Varsity student.
2.      Speech competition will begin after the opening ceremony.
3.      Every participant should already be re-registered before the competitions start.
4.      Partcipant should use a participant number before performing. The commettee will give each participants the participant number on technical meeting or re-registering on the day competition before start.
5.      The participant must come on time to the competition. If committees already announced for 3 times and the participant doesn’t come yet, he/she will be put as the last participant and we will minus 5 point. We don’t compromise on the second announced, if it happened and the participant still doesn’t come yet, he/she will be disqualified.
6.      The minimum duration of each participant’s performance is 5 minutes if less from its, we will be provided minus 5 points.
7.      The maximum duration of each participant’s performance is 7 minutes with extra 30 seconds to end the speech. Disobedience the duration of the performance will decrease the points. The participant should not make a mistake when they perform because the duration will keep running, we do not compromise to start all over again.
8.      The speech must be original and made by the participant. Any quotes should be identified during the presentation and the material is given to the committee on the day competition.
9.      The contents and materials used in this competition originated from the committee.
10.  Participant must turn off cellphone or any other forms of communication tools that may disturb all the adjudicators and the participants before entering the room of speech competition. 
11.  participant or the representative has to attend the technical meeting.
12.  The result is the adjudicators’ prerogative rights.

To be eligible to compete, an individual must:
1.      Enrolled in a Senior High School or a Varsity by showing the Student Card at the time of registration.
2.      Have completed the payment of registration fee.
3.      Themes of speech will be announced on D-40 (excepted theme of final for varsity) through eec-unila.blogspot.com
4.      PRELIMINARY ROUND, the participants have submitted 4 copies of speech text at the time of technical meeting on Thursday, February 18th 2016 (we will be given information to alteration of times)
5.      FINAL ROUND FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, the participants have submitted 4 copies of speech text and take the number lottery at the times of technical meeting after announced on the preliminary round on Saturday, February 20th 2016.
6.      FINAL ROUND FOR VARSITY, the participants must not bring any speech text to the competition room and will be checked by committee at the time of re-registration and take the number lottery on Sunday, February 21th 2016.
7.      On the final round, the adjudicators will be giving 2 questions to each participant.
8.      A participant must maintain eligibility at all rounds of this competition. If in this competition discovered that there is a participant was ineligible to compete, the participant must be disqualified.

1.      Participant must using formal apparel. The participant must not wear jeans and t-shirt at the time of performance. School uniform is allowed.
2.      The participant has to wear formal shoes not using sandal.
3.      The participant has to keep his/her appearance neat and clean.

In this round participants will deliver the speech that they have made before the competition being held with the subject that has been informed beforehand. To end this round, committee will inform the name of 5 participants whom eligible to run for the final.
In this round participants will deliver the speech that they have made before the competition being held with the subject that has been informed beforehand. The winners of speech competition will be announced after closing ceremony.

In this round participants will deliver the speech that they will be making on the day (impromtu) of the round with the subject that will be provided by committee with scope about subject beforehand. With determinate:
·         The participants must come on 1 hour before competition start.
·         The committee will be provided the subject on the day. We do not compromise with all of the lateness. If it happened, he/she will be disqualified.
·         The participant just permitted to bring pen and cellphone.
·         The speech text must writed on the paper from committee.
The winners of speech competition will be announced after closing ceremony.

All subject on the speech competition shall be selected by the participants according to the themes that have been determined by the committee (excepted for the final of varsity). Subject outside the themes is not permitted.

1.      Technology Innovation
2.      Innovation For Indonesia’s Education
1.      Young and Innovative
2.      The Implementation of Innovation Toward Cultural Mindset

1.      Government Innovation Towards World Investment
2.      The Influence of Innovation Toward Developing Countries
Will be announced on the competition day (impromtu)

1.      Speeches for Preliminary will be 5 up to 7 minutes with extra 30 seconds to end the speech. If the speech is less or more on the general rules, we will be provided minus 5 points. 
2.      Speeches for Final there will be 6 minutes additional time for adjudicators to give their oppinion and question with maximum 3 questions and the participant have to answer the questions asked by the adjudicators. The duration of answering the question is 60 seconds.
3.      Upon being introduced, the participant shall proceed immediatily to the speaking position. Timing will begin with the participant’s first definite verbal or nonverbal communication with the audience.
4.      Timers shall provide warning signal flags to the participants by the committee.
·      A green signal will be displayed at one minute (for all round)
·      A yellow signal will be displayed at 5th minute (for all round)
·      A red signal will be displayed at 8th minute (for all round)

1.      Speech Development (10%)
·         Structure
·         Opening
2.      Effectiveness (15%)
·         Achievement Purpose
·         Interest
·         Reception
3.      Speech Value (15%)
·         Ideas
·         Logic
·         Original Thought
4.      Physical (15%)
·         Appearance
·         Body Language
5.      Voice (10%)
·         Flexibility
·         Volume

6.      Manner (15%)
·         Directness
·         Enthusiasm
·         Assurance
7.      Appropriateness (10%)
·         To Speech Purpose
·         To Audience
8.      Correctness (10%)
·         Grammar
·         Pronunciation
·         Word Selection

These rules apply to all participants of this speech competition. These rules may not be supplanted or modified except by the authorized committee outside of these rules which harm contains. All participants are obligated to obey the rules.

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