EEC's TOEFL Seminar and Training

Hello there! 
How was your latest TOEFL score? Was it good enough to prerequisite you to your graduation? Or maybe you need lots of improvement? 

Wanna get some knowledges to beat that scary-disturbing yet necessary TOEFL test?
You better register yourself!

EEC FEB Unila proudly presents: 

"TOEFL Seminar and Training"

Date : Saturday, May 28 th 2016
Place : Room C101, FEB Unila
Speaker : Mr Sahli
Registration starts from May 9th to May 26th
Fee : 35k (Certificate, Tips and trick, snack, and Seminar handouts)

You can register yourself by visiting our stand or our headquarter on 3rd floor of E building FEB Unila or you can contact these numbers:
1. 082280586487 ( Cahya )
2. 0899-4283-860 (Renita)
3. 0896-5888-5415 ( Eka )
Go grab your winning score against TOEFL by strategy, be a masterpiece!!!
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