EEC's English Battle 2016

EEC FEB UNILA proudly present  "EEC's English Battle 2016" with the theme "Empowering your words to unify diversity" on October 30th, 2016.

There are 5 competitions:
-Scrabble: SHS & Varsity 1st year (60K/person)
-Spelling Bee: General (60K/person)
-Poetry Reading: SHS & Varsity 1st year (60K/person)
-Newscasting: SHS & Varsity 1st year (70K/person)
-Translating: General (60K/person)

Registration start from October 2nd, 2016.

For registration and payment: visit EEC's headquarter, 3rd floor E building FEB Unila

Or Transfer Via

BRI: 56590 10002 09507 (Robert Ardeno)
BNI: 03593 68668 (Dita Leonita)
BCA: 29405 24281 (Jefry)

For Booking: Format -> Name of participants ; Branch competition ; School or Institution ; Contact Person
-> and Send to our CP or email

Further info :
Indri (0812 7801 4189)
Feri (0821 8491 7373)
Cahya (0822 8058 6487)

or follow us on facebook, instagram @eecunila, twitter @eecunila, LINE (@LCO2842U)

We have limited quota for each branch. So what are you waiting for? Let's Register Yourself!

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