Scrabble Competition Rules - EEB 2016


1.        Participants > Senior High School and varsities 1st year.
2.        The game consist of two player (SINGLE MATCH)
3.        The player will sit face to face.
4.        Players must show their identity tag given by the EEC committee when entering the competition room.
5.        There should be no communication in any form between the players and/or to the spectators during the match. Communication can be made only to the regulator(s) or Committee.
6.        REGULATION : During the game, players are not allowed to:
  • ·       Open any kind of dictionaries, books or other reading materials/ smartphone
  • ·       Distract other player’s attention in any way.
  • ·       Leave the location of the game by any cause, unless permitted by the regulator.
  • ·       If a player wins because of their opponent’s lateness, the margin of the winner will be +150 and 1vp, if both players don’t come both got 0.5 VP and 0 margin.
7.        In each match, a winning participant will get 1 VP, while the defeated participant will get 0 VP.
8.        After the game, all players must sign the score sheet, as to agree the final score. Once the score sheet is signed, no objection can be made.
9.        Tolerance of lateness for the competing group is 15 minutes starting from the scheduled time.
10.    The Committee reserves the rights to disqualify a player who refused to be subjected to the   regulations of the game.
11.    The Committee has full authority with regard to the interpretation and modification, if necessary of these rules, or if not stated in constitution. The decision of the Committee with respect to these rules will be final and binding.
12.    Total time for scrabble match is 30 minutes.
13.    For the gameplay mechanism based on standar scrabble game mechanism (

Official Dictionary: Collins Scrabble Dictionary 2015

Pairing System:
1st Round – 4rd Round  > Australian Draw Pairing System
4rd Round – 7th Round  > King of the Hill/KOTH Pairing System

30 Minutes per game

Pairing system is basically a system to determine every match up in each round. There are two kinds of pairing system that will be implemented in this competition:

1. Australian Draw
Australian Draw is a pairing system based on power match (1st rank meet 2nd rank, 3rd rank meet 4th rank and so on) with no repetition in a period of time, usually one day. Thus, if a participant meets the same opponent for the second time in the same day, the pairing will be reshuffled automatically so they won’t play against each other again in the same day.

2. King of the Hill
King of the Hill is a pairing system based on power match (1st rank meet 2nd rank, 3rd rank meet 4th rank and so on) with repetition. More than one meeting is allowable.

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