Rules of Newscasting Competition - EIA XVI 2017

Newscasting Competition

1.      Every participant in this competition must be a university student.
2.      Every participant should already be re-registered before the competition starts.
3.      Every participant should be present punctually (at least 30 minutes before the competition starts). The name of the participant will only be announced 2 times and if the participant absent, he/she will be skipped
4.      The maximum duration of each participant performance is 5 minutes (include opening and closing sentence). Disobeyment of the duration will decrease the point. The participant should not make a mistake when they performed because the duration will keep running, we don’t compromise to start all over again.
5.      The contents and materials used in this competition originated from the committee.
6.      Every participant should make their own opening and closing sentence.
7.      The competition divided by 2 round (Preliminary Round and Final Round).
8.      5  best participants from Preliminary Round will come in Final Round..
9.      Every Participant will choose the news when the Committee already called the name of particpant.
10.   All participants should respect and appreciate every judgement from the adjudicators.

  Physical Appearance
1.      Every participant has to wear formal apparel. Must using Blezer. All participants must not wear jeans or t-shirt in this competition.
2.      Every participant has to wear pantofel shoes.
3.      A minimal use of cosmetics is allowed for participants.


  Materials of the Competition
*   News

  Rules
1.      The materials for the competition consist of news. The main news materials will given in small letters without reading marks.
2.      Every Participant will read 1 news in the preliminary round.
3.      The maximum duration of each participant performance is 5 minutes,(include opening and closing sentence).

  Materials of the Competition
*  Cultural News Report
*     Picture or video

  Rules
1. For the final round, you have to bring a cultural news from your own origin. Remember to be an attractive presenter because you will be presenting the culture from your region.
2. Participants must pick 2 out of 6 categories, namely travel, food, indigenous people, traditional dance, traditional art, and national hero.
3. In this round, participants should bring news about their own culture according to the categories chosen.
4. Participants should bring a picture or video accroding to the categories chosen. And the participant must present that picture/video with news report to the judges. (Your video/picture can be provided to the committee after technical meeting)
5. The minimum duration of each participant performance is 4 minutes, and maximum 7 minutes (include opening, Cultural News Report and closing sentence).
6.  No Cultural /  National Costume.

  Perfomance
*      Self Presentation
*       Confidence
*      Expression and eye contact

  Material
Material Control
*      Intonation
*      Articulation
*      Tempo
*      Timing

  Ability in English
*      Vocabulary
*      Grammar
*      Pronounciation
*      Fluency

  Appearance
*      Neatness
*      Clothes
*       Make up

  Range Score : 0-100

You can download form registration in link below:

Contact Person :
Gusti (081314822949)
Bella (082280588406)
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