Rules of Debate Competition - EIA XVI 2017


1.      All debater must be used in English.
2.      There won’t be any prepared motions or impromptu motions.

1.      Each university in Sumatera Region could send more than 3 teams and the amount of adjudicators are equal to team participating in the competition or (N+1 rules). Adjudicators will be assigned to the accreditation remaining.
2.      Both of debater and adjudicator are eligible to participate in EEC In Action (EEC) XVI 2017 University of Lampung, only if they are enrolled as valid student in a university, proven with the letter from students’ institutions or recomendation letter proven as student, except for invited adjudicators.
3.      Each team in EEC In Action (EEC) XVI 2017 University of Lampung consists of two members (guidance on British Parliamentary Scheme)
4.      Every participants should formally fashion outfitted with no t-shirt or slipper during competition and debating. Remember, manner will be counted as well as core score.

1.      The EEC In Action (EEC) XVI 2017 University of Lampungwill be conducted in two phases:
a)      The Preliminary Round
b)      The Elimination Round
2.      In the preliminary round ofEEC In Action (EEC) XVI 2017 University of Lampung, there will be 3 rounds of debate. This phase will adopt the half competition system and for the elimination phase will adopt “true power matching”.
3.      All teams will start on an equal placing with the pairing for the first round being done randomly by lottery. For the subsequent round, the team will be graded on the basis of the results of all the preceding rounds of the phase. The following grading criteria will be considered in decreasing order of priority.
4.      At the end of this grading for each round, the top four teams will meet each other; the next four teams will meet each other and so on.
5.      Four elimination rounds namely the Quarter Final, Semi Final and the Grand Final, will be decided the winner ofEEC In Action (EEC) XVI 2017 University of Lampung.
6.      There would be no replacement of debater in case one member of a team can’t  join the match no matter how are sick, final exam or any other cases. The uncompleted team may only compete in preliminary rounds and automatically not eligible to join the elimination round.
7.      A team will get walked out (WO) for being late in maximum 15 minutes after case building finished. Meaning that got 4th rank on that round.
8.      Debaters are not allowed to leave the debate room during the match.
9.      Electronic Device such as smartphone, tablet pc, laptop and any other of electronic device are not allowed during case building. If commitee found disobey the rule scheme team will be disqualified and counted as cheating report.

1.      Registration term :
a.       The registration will be charged Rp150.000,00 per team (consisted of 2 debaters and N+1)
b.      Register at EEC’s Headquarted on Economics and Business Faculty, University Of Lampung or visit our website /
c.       The participants will be limited for 40 teams, and the registration will be closed if the number has been fulfilled before the registration time is over.
2.      Payment should be transferred in two ways :
a.       Directly come to EEC’s Headquarter on Economics and Business Faculty, University Of Lampung.
b.      Transferred by banking to :

BNI  03593 68771  On the name of Dita Leonita
BRI  56590 10002 09509On the name of Robert Ardeno
BCA 29405 24281On the name of  Jefry

d.      Please fill out the registration form on our attachment below or you can fill it by visiting our registration form online
-          One copy of student identification
-          One copy of payment transfer from bank (in case of payment through bank)
Both materials above should be sent into our email

You can download form registration in link below:

For further information, please contact these available people :
Cahya Awaludin                   (082279160008)
Feri Hardani                          (08992213219)
Dieky Laundry                      (085783163293)
Robert Ardeno                      (082282975566)
Erik Stefanus                         (089648003017)
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